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Chair's Report

Marie CavanghThe year past has been another busy one for NICVA. I am delighted to introduce our Annual Report to you this year on behalf of NICVA’s Executive Committee.

Within the pages of the report you will see the detail, the breadth and depth of NICVA’s activity in support of the members and voluntary action in Northern Ireland.

Our day-to-day work provides training support to organisations, regular information updates, governance and funding advice, to mention just a few of the services. In terms of communications NICVA’s monthly Member Bulletin goes to 6619 subscribers and our weekly E-News to 2485.

SCOPE, our on-line magazine under Editor Nick Garbutt pushes independent, informed debate on key issues in Northern Ireland to over 600 subscribers.

We also add in Assembly Insider 20 times a year and have started Grant Tracker webinars with six in all during the year. Something for everyone in our membership. On top of the regular support we have also done a lot in policy, research and development. Indeed NICVA became the Belfast Hub of ODI, the Open Data Institute, established by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web. In collaboration with the Detail we also established DetailData another new and innovative project.

During the year we were awarded Investors in People Gold for the second time, demonstrating high quality standards by the investment in our staff and our systems in NICVA to produce the best we can for our members and our sector.

I would encourage you to take a few minutes to read through the report, see what’s happening and how it can work for you in the future.

Kind Regards

Marie Cavanagh, Chair of NICVA Executive Committee.


NICVA Review (April 2015 - March 2016)

NICVA’s work is grouped under three themes; lead, develop and connect. Within the themes are a number of strategic objectives which shape our work.


Continue to develop relationships with government leading to a more robust challenge at all levels.

Influence (Strategic Objective)

Listen to and gather evidence on behalf of the voluntary and community sector.

Research (Strategic Objective)

Provide strategic leadership for change and innovation and for building solidarity within the sector and to bring forward solutions to societal challenges

Innovate (Strategic Objective)


To enable voluntary and community sector organisations to access high quality and diverse learning opportunities.

Skill (Strategic Objective)

Enable voluntary and community organisations to access relevant information, guidance, advice and resources

Inform (Strategic Objective)

A major area of work for NICVA is ongoing work around our communication channels - websites, eNews, NICVA News for members and social media.

To support voluntary and community sector organisations to build their organisational capacity and development potential

Support (Strategic Objective)


To promote and facilitate joint working to support more effective delivery of services.

Collaborate (Strategic Objective)

To create, identify and provide opportunities for networking to share information, learning and effective practice

Network (Strategic Objective)



Our Annual Report for 2015-2016 was disseminated to members at the 78th NICVA AGM on 12th January 2017.

Total Incoming Resources 2015/16

Incoming Resource Income (in Pounds) Percentage (%)
Charitable Activities £873,726 51%
Voluntary Income £746,439 44%
Commercial Trading Operations £74,684 4%
Investment income £12,635 1%

Sources of Income 2015/16

Sources of income Income (in Pounds) Percentage (%)
Core Government Grant £629,652 37%
Projects £362,363 21%
Earned Income £291,553 17%
Cheques For Charity £113,776 7%
Grants £85,360 5%
Membership Subscriptions £78,909 5%
Commercial Trading Operations £74,684 4%
Other £58,552 3%
Investments £12,635 1%

Total Resources Expended 2015/16

Expenditure Resource Expenditure (in Pounds) Percentage (%)
Charitable Activities £1,485,408 78.41%
Support Costs £296,965 15.68%
Raising Funds £105,165 5.55%
Governance costs £6,815 0.36%