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Key Messages from the Fundraising and Regulatory Compliance Conference

By NICVA 24 Feb 2017 Sandra Bailie

This conference was organised by the three regulators to set out the regulatory requirements and expectations for fundraising bodies and their boards under current and forthcoming data protection legislation. 

Brexit – How will it affect you?

By NICVA 22 Feb 2017

The terms under which the UK will leave the European Union following last year’s EU referendum result will impact on a huge range of areas of public life and, by extension, on a huge range of the sector’s activities and areas of concern.

Future Funding Watch – Calling for evidence from the sector

By NICVA 22 Feb 2017

Less than two years after NICVA’s 2015 Cutswatch campaign, we may be facing into yet another funding crisis for the community and voluntary sector. 

A Rates Rethink - The NICVA consultation response

By NICVA 20 Feb 2017 Jenny McEneaney

NICVA responded to the Department of Finance's Rates Rethink consultation on Thursday 16th February. The consultation paper proposed introducing a rates liability of 10-20% for charity shops. 

Joint Forum seeks new sector reps

By NICVA 20 Feb 2017 Jenny McEneaney

The Joint Forum is comprised of representatives from across government and the voluntary and community sector. It facilitates an open discussion about the relationship between the two sectors. 

Fundraising self-regulation systems across the UK and Ireland

By NICVA 16 Feb 2017 Lynn Kennedy

This article looks at the differences in how fundraising is currently self-regulated by the voluntary and community sectors in England and Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Comparing VCSE sectors of NI, England & Wales, Scotland & Ireland

By NICVA 16 Feb 2017 Lynn Kennedy

This article compares VCSE sectors across the UK and in Ireland and looks at "proportionality" in choosing a new NI fundraising self-regulation system.

Options Paper for Fundraising Self-Regulation in Northern Ireland

By NICVA 10 Feb 2017 Sandra Bailie

This paper outlines the options for Fundraising Self-Regulation in NI. The Working Group is seeking to engage the sector and consult until 31 March, in order to make recommendations on the most suitable option for NI.

A rates rethink

By NICVA 6 Feb 2017 Jenny McEneaney

The Department of Finance are currently consulting on  'A Rates Rethink' that proposes that charity shops pay 10-20% rates. The consultation closes on 16th February. 

Brexit White Paper. Too Long; Didn't Read

By NICVA 3 Feb 2017 Jenna Maghie

Yesterday (2nd February) the UK Government published its 76-page White Paper on The United Kingdom’s exit from and new partnership with the European Union.

Early Intervention Transformation Programme Professional Development Initiative

By NICVA 30 Jan 2017 Jenny McEneaney

The Professional Development initiative aims to improve outcomes for children and young people through building the skills and capabilities of professionals to adopt effective early intervention and prevention approaches

Featured Member - RNIB Northern Ireland

By NICVA 26 Jan 2017 Shauna O'Neill

We’re the Royal National Institute of Blind People in Northern Ireland (RNIB NI) and we’re here for everyone affected by sight loss.

More People Giving to Charity Compared to One Year Ago

By NICVA 26 Jan 2017 Rachel Shannon

People in Northern Ireland are more likely to give money to charity compared to one year ago, according to NICVA's latest Individual Giving survey.

Administration Assistant (AA '17)

By NICVA 20 Jan 2017 Alex Hastings

NICVA is recruiting for an Administration Assistant, to provide administrative support in our busy office, on a contract of one year initially.

Detail Data Conference: Open Data for Funding, Citizens and Services

By NICVA 18 Jan 2017 Bob Harper

Last week’s Detail Data conference on the use of open data for funding, citizens and services attracted over 60 people from the VCSE, public and private sectors.

Lobbying Act and the 2017 Assembly Elections

By NICVA 18 Jan 2017 Jenna Maghie

Now we have a date for the 2017 Assembly Election, voluntary and community organisations should once again make themselves familiar with the provisions of the Lobbying Act and how they may affect your work in the run up to the elections. 

Theresa May Brexit Speech – What did we learn?

By NICVA 18 Jan 2017 Jenna Maghie

The Prime Minister Theresa May has made her long awaited statement on her position on Brexit. So what did we learn?

Health Minister to continue VCS Core Grant Fund

By NICVA 13 Jan 2017 Jenna Maghie

Today the Health Minister has confirmed that she will continue the core grant fund to the voluntary and community sector. 

Political Developments and the Northern Ireland Budget 2017/18

By NICVA 10 Jan 2017

Speaking in response to the resignation of the deputy First Minister yesterday, NICVA Chief Executive Seamus McAleavey said:

Donor consent in light of the Fundraising Preference Service (FPS)

By NICVA 9 Jan 2017 Lynn Kennedy

What does the Fundraising Preference Service actually mean for NI charities and how does it fit with current and planned data protection legislation?

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