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NICVA achieves membership of Employers for Disability NI

By NICVA 23 Aug 2016 Alex Hastings

Gabrielle Fitzpatrick, Training and Advice Director at Employers for Disability NI, presents EFDNI membership certificate to NICVA.

NICVA’s State of the Sector examines the Income and Expenditure of the VCSE sector

By NICVA 23 Aug 2016 Andrea Thornbury

NICVA’s latest State of the Sector research sheds light on funding to the VCSE sector in Northern Ireland through grants, contracts and public donations.

NICVA’s State of the Sector Profiles the VCSE Sector

By NICVA 22 Aug 2016 Rachel Shannon

NICVA’s latest State of the Sector research sheds light on the VCSE sector in Northern Ireland in a brand new online format. This article focuses on the Profile section of the research. 

NICVA Launch State of the Sector Research

By NICVA 9 Aug 2016 Rachel Shannon

NICVA has launched its latest State of the Sector research in a brand new online format. Explore the new online resource here.

Update on fundraising self-regulation in Scotland plus a look at setting up a new NI Fundraising Regulator

By NICVA 8 Aug 2016 Lynn Kennedy

This article looks at how Scotland partially eschewed the Fundraising Regulator in favour of its own system & looks at another NI option: setting up a NI Fundraising Regulator.

The Cross-Party (Etherington) Review on fundraising self- regulation & its implementation in England & Wales

By NICVA 8 Aug 2016 Lynn Kennedy

This article looks at the Cross-Party (Etherington) Review on fundraising self-regulation and progress on the implementation of its key recommendations in England & Wales.

Fundraising self-regulation in NI - Time for Change?

By NICVA 8 Aug 2016 Lynn Kennedy

This article looks at the now defunct system of fundraising self-regulation in Northern Ireland, why change is needed and why effective self-regulation is a key part of good governance.

Big Ideas Economics Festival Final Agenda and Timings.

By NICVA 5 Aug 2016 Lisa McElherron

On 12th August over 100 people from the voluntary and community sector, government officials, politicans, party staffers, academics, business people and interested individuals will get together in NICVA to discuss big economic ideas.

NICVA Payscales 2016 - 2018

By NICVA 5 Aug 2016 Alex Hastings

The NJC payscales were agreed in May 2016 following negotiations on the cost of living increase. NICVA has now updated its payscales for 2016 - 2018 using NJC points 6 - 49.

Programme for Government 2016-2021 consultation hub

By NICVA 2 Aug 2016 Jenny McEneaney

The Programme for Government (PFG) sets the strategic context for both the Budget and the Investment Strategy for Northern Ireland.

Big Ideas - A Festival of Economics the programme so far...

By NICVA 29 Jul 2016 Lisa McElherron

The countdown is on to Big Ideas - A festival of Economics. With two weeks to go the list of speakers and topics is looking pretty impressive.

Accounting and reporting guidance published

By NICVA 29 Jul 2016 Denise Copeland

The Charity Commission has published a suite of guidance on the new accounting and reporting regulations for charities which it consulted on earlier this year following the implementation of new legislation.

Suicide deaths in Northern Ireland highest on record

By NICVA 29 Jul 2016 Andrea Thornbury

THREE hundred and eighteen suicides were registered in Northern Ireland during 2015 – the highest annual death toll since records began in 1970.

ESC challenging perceptions and changing lives

By NICVA 28 Jul 2016 Sandra Bailie

ESC is a film-making charity which helps people rebuild their lives and re-integrate into society. They use drama and film to challenge perceptions, tackle social exclusion and change lives.  

CollaborationNI Bursary Fund closed

By CollaborationNI 25 Jul 2016 Leeann Kelly

Waterfront Hall, Belfast 10-11 October 2016 CollaborationNI is delighted to be managing a bursary fund from The Executive Office (TEO) for community and voluntary sector places at the Global Outcomes-Based Accountability Summit

Do you have a Big Idea?

By NICVA 25 Jul 2016 Shauna O'Neill

NICVA's 'Big Ideas: Festival of Economics' will bring together key note speakers, panels, workshops and conversations to spark debate about the big ideas that could transform our economy. And we want you to be part of it.

PfG 2016 - Additional Information

By NICVA 20 Jul 2016 Jenna Maghie

The Executive Office, as part of their ongoing consultation on the draft Programme for Government Framework, have made some additional information and resources available.

DAERA Departmental Monitoring Group (DMG)

By NICVA 8 Jul 2016 Jenny McEneaney

On Wednesday 6th July, NICVA and Rural Community Network hosted the DAERA DMG which focused on the Draft Programme for Government Framework. Participants received a presentation from Joe Reynolds, Head of the Programme for Government, TEO

Voluntary community and social enterprise sector funding model consultation

By NICVA 5 Jul 2016 Shauna O'Neill

Justice Minister Claire Sugden has published proposals to modernise the system used to award funding to third sector organisations delivering justice outcomes.

People with significant control register - PSC Register

By NICVA 4 Jul 2016 Denise Copeland

From 6 April 2016 companies, including not for profit companies, are legally required to keep a register of individuals or legal entities that have control over them, known as ‘people with significant control (PSC)’ and ‘relevant legal entities (RLEs)’

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