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New programme in East Belfast

By NICVA 27 Sep 2017 Sandra Bailie

NICVA is pleased to be the lead partner delivering the East Belfast Community Capacity & Leadership Programme.

Universal Credit suspension call

By NICVA 26 Sep 2017 Neil Wilson

NICVA has called for the introduction of Universal Credit in Northern Ireland to be suspended.

Guest Post: Introduction to The Fundraising Regulator (FR)

By NICVA 26 Sep 2017 Sandra Bailie

This is the first in a series of blogs from The Fundraising Regulator. The first one, by Stephen Dunmore Chief Executive of the FR, is an introduction to the Fundraising Regulator, an update on what has been happening and plans for the future.

"GrantNet" Funding Conference Update

By NICVA 22 Sep 2017 Lynn Kennedy

September 14th 2017 saw over 80 participants from over 70 VCSE organisations attend NICVA & RCN’s “GrantNet” Funding Conference to get a key funding skill under their belts, i.e. – making successful grant applications.

Featured member - Rosie’s Trust

By NICVA 21 Sep 2017 Shauna O'Neill

Rosie’s Trust’s mission is to maintain and support the special relationship and bond between owners and their companion pets.

Detail Data Partnership with the ADRC-NI

By NICVA 20 Sep 2017 Andrea Thornbury

For some time, Detail Data and the ADRC NI have worked in partnership to bring different source of research and data to the voluntary and community sector to help inform their decision making, service delivery and strategic planning.

NICVA launches open data and data sharing viewfinder

By NICVA 19 Sep 2017 Andrea Thornbury

NICVA has launched a Viewfinder survey to assess members experience of open data and data sharing. The results will help us when engaging with government on open data and to get a clear picture of data sharing arrangements in the sector.

GDPR - 10 changes your charity needs to know about

By NICVA 14 Sep 2017 Shauna O'Neill

Paula McGahey from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) highlights the changes to data protection law that charities need to be aware of.

Northern Ireland Health Transformation Process: an Update on progress from the Department for Health

By NICVA 13 Sep 2017

On 25 October 2016, the then Minister of Health, Michelle O’Neill launched “Health and Wellbeing 2026: Delivering Together”.

What do the Fundraising Regulator and the Code of Fundraising Practice really mean for you?

By NICVA 12 Sep 2017 Lynn Kennedy

Fundraising in the VCSE sector in NI now falls under the remit of the Fundraising Regulator and its Code of Fundraising Practice. This article looks at what this means for your organisation.

Cyber Security is a key issue for Charities: take action with the Charity Discount for Cyber Essentials Accreditation Programme

By NICVA 7 Sep 2017 Shauna O'Neill

During Cyber Resilience Week 2017 (11-15 September 2017) charities are being offered discounted certification to the Government’s Cyber Essentials certification scheme, which is proven to reduce the threat of data breeches by over 80%.

Report recommends new era of openness for family courts

By NICVA 6 Sep 2017 Andrea Thornbury

MAJOR changes to Northern Ireland’s family court system have been recommended by a leading judge today following a two year review of the system.

GrantTracker – Time-Limited Offer on Northern Ireland’s Leading Funding Toolkit!

By NICVA 23 Aug 2017 Lynn Kennedy

GrantTracker is the only “one stop shop” for over 800+ funding schemes relevant to NI.  Find the funding you need at the touch of a button.  Try it now for just £90 for 12 months!

Party Conference Season, 2017-18

By NICVA 18 Aug 2017 Philip Mynes

As 2017 speeds into autumn, this year’s round of party conferences will begin to take place.

NICVA summary briefing on UK Government Brexit paper on Northern Ireland & Ireland

By NICVA 18 Aug 2017 Geoff Nuttall

This briefing summarises the key proposals made in the UK Government's Brexit position paper on Northern Ireland and Ireland released on 16th August. The briefing also highlights issues around which NICVA intends to develop its response.

Aviva Community Fund 2017 Coming Soon

By NICVA 16 Aug 2017 Lynn Kennedy

The Aviva Community Fund will be open for submissions from 12th September to 10th October 2017.  Could your project be a winner this year?  

UK publishes Brexit position paper on Northern Ireland and Ireland

By NICVA 16 Aug 2017 Geoff Nuttall

UK government has today published its position paper on addressing the unique impacts of Brexit of Northern Ireland/Ireland.  

New UK Government paper released on future customs arrangements with EU

By NICVA 15 Aug 2017 Geoff Nuttall

The UK Government has today published a paper entitled "Future customs arrangements: a future partnership paper," setting out its vision for future partnership arrangements with the EU on trade and customs

Delivering Together and Health and Social Care Transformation

By NICVA 7 Aug 2017 Shauna O'Neill

Invitation to contribute to the development of a Strategic Framework for expanding community development approaches to reducing health inequalities.

Basic book-keeping for small charities

By NICVA 31 Jul 2017 Denise Copeland

A series of practical workshops for treasurers of small charities to help establish appropriate financial systems. 

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