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Breakthrough in Funding Crisis

By NICVA 30 Mar 2017

NICVA met last night with the Head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service Sir Malcolm McKibben, Permanent Secretaries David Sterling DoF, Leo O’Reilly DfC, Nick Perry DoJ, Noel Lavery DAERA and Deputy Secretaries from the other Departments.

Five key messages as Brexit negotiations go live

By NICVA 29 Mar 2017

As the UK triggers Article 50 to begin Brexit negotiations, we still have no Northern Ireland government to represent our interests, and no clear position put forward in these negotiations. 

PSNI urged to reconsider use of stop and search on under-18s

By NICVA 29 Mar 2017 Andrea Thornbury

THE PSNI has used stop and search powers on under-18s nearly 25,000 times in the last five years, the vast majority of which do not result in any further action.

Feedback from Fundraising regulation consultation meeting

By NICVA 27 Mar 2017 Lynn Kennedy

Nineteen people attended a consultation meeting in NICVA to discuss the options for fundraising regulation in NI. For those that were unable to attend, below is a summary of the main points of the discussion.

No government, no budget - Budget uncertainty and instability already hitting voluntary and community sector

By NICVA 27 Mar 2017

NICVA's Funding Watch survey shows consequences of political uncertainty and lack of an agreed budget is already impacting on services provided by the voluntary and community sector.

NICVA Conversation Zone at #AP2017

By NICVA 23 Mar 2017 Jenna Maghie

We are excited to once again be hosting our Conversation Zone at the Alliance Party Conference, tomorrow (25th March) at the Stormont Hotel.

Featured member - Caring Breaks

By NICVA 22 Mar 2017 Shauna O'Neill

Short Respite Breaks for Family Carers of Adults with a Learning Disability.

Results of NICVA's Funding Watch Survey

By NICVA 22 Mar 2017 Rachel Shannon

NICVA recently ran a Funding Watch survey which assessed voluntary and community organisations current statutory funding situation and the likely impact of uncertainty and/or funding cuts. This article presents the survey findings.

What is the Joint Forum?

By NICVA 20 Mar 2017 Jenny McEneaney

The Joint Forum is comprised of public sector and voluntary and community sector individuals. 

Would you like NICVA to deliver free research training to organisations you support?

By NICVA 20 Mar 2017 Rachel Shannon

The NICVA research team are going on the road to deliver free research training to the voluntary and community sector. If you would like the team to deliver this training to organisations you support please get in touch.

Funding Watch Survey shows budget uncertainty already hitting sector

By NICVA 13 Mar 2017

Last month we launched a ‘Funding Watch’ survey to assess how the current political uncertainty and lack of a budget for 17/18 was affecting organisations in the sector. 

Government urged to call time on underage drinking

By NICVA 13 Mar 2017 Andrea Thornbury

HUNDREDS of young people are being hospitalised, are ending up in custody, or are receiving long-term care as a result of problem alcohol use each year in Northern Ireland.

#AE17: Who are our new MLAs?

By NICVA 7 Mar 2017 Jenna Maghie

On Friday 3rd of March 90 MLAs were elected to the Northern Ireland Assembly, a reduction of 18 from the 108 returned at #AE16. 

What is crowdfunding and why could it be good for you?

By NICVA 2 Mar 2017 Lynn Kennedy

Our Guest Writer, Anne Strachan from Crowdfund UK demystifies Crowdfunding and describes how organisations can use technology to update this long-standing fundraising tool.

NI Assembly Election: Business and Civic Society call for compromise and respect

By NICVA 28 Feb 2017

A broad range of organisations in Northern Ireland, including NICVA, have come together to articulate their views to political parties before the election. 

Key Messages from the Fundraising and Regulatory Compliance Conference

By NICVA 24 Feb 2017 Sandra Bailie

This conference was organised by the three regulators to set out the regulatory requirements and expectations for fundraising bodies and their boards under current and forthcoming data protection legislation. 

Brexit – How will it affect you?

By NICVA 22 Feb 2017

The terms under which the UK will leave the European Union following last year’s EU referendum result will impact on a huge range of areas of public life and, by extension, on a huge range of the sector’s activities and areas of concern.

Future Funding Watch – Calling for evidence from the sector

By NICVA 22 Feb 2017

Less than two years after NICVA’s 2015 Cutswatch campaign, we may be facing into yet another funding crisis for the community and voluntary sector. 

A Rates Rethink - The NICVA consultation response

By NICVA 20 Feb 2017 Jenny McEneaney

NICVA responded to the Department of Finance's Rates Rethink consultation on Thursday 16th February. The consultation paper proposed introducing a rates liability of 10-20% for charity shops. 

Joint Forum seeks new sector reps

By NICVA 20 Feb 2017 Jenny McEneaney

The Joint Forum is comprised of representatives from across government and the voluntary and community sector. It facilitates an open discussion about the relationship between the two sectors. 

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