Beyond Safeguarding (RESERVE LIST IN PLACE)

11 December 2018 -
10:00am to 12:00pm

This event is about creating a culture of safety for the beneficiaries, staff and volunteers of charities, beyond the strict definition of Safeguarding, and is being jointly hosted by the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland and NICVA. Both organisations, the representative body and the regulator, are keen to ensure the efficacy of Northern Ireland charities’ activities, at home and overseas.


Recently there have been several high-profile scandals involving not only charities working overseas, but also in the UK.  Household name charities have had major setbacks in their work because they failed to deal properly with allegations of improper behaviour.

The public hold charities to high standards naturally because charities are about doing good.  They expect them to be as good as their word and if their behaviour does not reflect their word or ideals it damages public trust.

This conference will focus on protecting the good work of charities by ensuring that ethical culture and behaviour is paramount and is actively promoted.  It is about promoting charities as safe places for their beneficiaries, volunteers and staff.


Welcome and Introduction

Marie Cavanagh, Chair of NICVA Executive Committee

Setting the scene

Frances McCandless, Chief Executive of Charity Commission Northern Ireland

Safeguarding experience

Matt Hyde, Chief Executive of The Scouts

Candour, Openness and Charities

Quintin Oliver CEO Stratagem, Chair of the DoH Working Group on Duty of Candour in response to the Hyponatremia Inquiry

NCVO Draft Code of Ethics

Dame Mary Marsh, Chair of NCVO Working Group

Panel Questions & Answers

The speakers will be joined by Sandra Adair, Volunteer Now and Tom Clarke, Access NI

Concluding Remarks and Future Work

Marie Cavanagh




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