Data Workshop on Carers

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20 February 2017 -
9:30am to 12:00pm

For some time NICVA has been involved in bringing together the VCSE sector with academics through our work with the Science Shop and ARK and we are now delighted to partner with the ADRC-NI (Administrative Data Research Centre Northern Ireland) to continue to develop strong research partnerships between the sector and academics.

Voluntary and community organisations are always looking for more opportunities to have access to data to develop strong lobbying positions and to inform better and new services. These sessions will aim to raise participants’ awareness of data that is available through the ADRC and the VCSE sector and how this data can be accessed and used. Each of the sessions will focus on a key social or economic policy issue and will aim to bring together organisations that have become experts in their field and who work on a specific issue such as carers/caring, mental health and disability, with the expertise of a researcher with a deep understanding of data and its power. It is hoped that the sessions will promote more partnership working between the academic and VCSE sector and better use of open and administrative data.
The first session will take place on 20th February 2017 at NICVA and will focus on carers. Data that will be discussed will include the data that supports NICVA’s Detail Data story on ‘Who cares for our carers’? The session is open to all those who have an interest in using data to support their research and policy work.
Academic researchers with the ADRC-NI will be on hand to examine the potential of the data sets accessible through the ADRC-NI to answer quantitative research question on carers and caring, and help VCSE researchers better understand how the available data could be used to develop a quantitative research project that would enhance their existing work and expertise. They will also be able to talk about their ongoing research and where there might be opportunities for partnership working with the VCSE sector.

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