ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management - Managing People

23 February 2018 -
10:00am to 11:00am

You will learn how to use a range of motivation techniques to improve the engagement and performance of your people. You will also learn how to manage performance review meetings and manage under-performance. This new and innovative accredited programme is delivered through an online learning platform which means that you can learn at a time and place that suits you at your own PC, laptop or tablet. Expect to complete the award by 30 April and NICVA will provide practical support through a face to face tutorial support session.

You are required to complete written assignments of approximately 1200 words for each course and NICVA will provide practical support at the tutorial support session.

Course 1: Motivating People for Performance

  • Unit 1: Getting Started
  • Unit 2: Understanding Motivation
  • Unit 3: Basic Motivation Theory
  • Unit 4: Using Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy
  • Unit 5: Using Herzberg’s Motivation Theory
  • Unit 6: Using Theory X and Theory Y
  • Unit 7: Using Expectancy Theory
  • Unit 8: Gola Setting and Motivation
  • Unit 9: Personality and Motivation
  • Unit 10: Motivation and Engagement
  • Unit 11: Applying Motivation Theory
  • Unit 12: Wrapping Up

Course 2: Managing Employee Performance

  • Unit 1: Getting Started
  • Unit 2: Understanding Performance Management
  • Unit 3: The Manager’s Role
  • Unit 4: Preparing for the Review Meeting
  • Unit 5: Conducting the Performance Review
  • Unit 6: Providing Effective Feedback
  • Unit 7: Performance Planning
  • Unit 8: Development Planning
  • Unit 9: Managing Underperformance
  • Unit 10: Wrapping Up

Dates for your diary

Online Induction  - Friday 23 February 2018  10am - 11am via webinar 

Tutorial support session  - 12 April 2018  10am - 1pm in NICVA

Please register by 12 noon on Wednesday 21 February 2018 to receive an invite to induction


£335 member; £479 non member

Cancellation Policy

Please be aware that you may be charged if you don't attend an event you have registered for - even in the case of free to access events.  Full details on our cancellation policy: 
NICVA cancellation policy 


£335 member; £479 non member


Online Session

This session will be facilitated online.  We'll provide instructions and support for participants to get setup.

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