ILM Level 3 Award Qualifications in Leadership and Management

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19 November 2018 - 8:00am to 19 January 2019 - 5:00pm

ILM Level 3 Programmes are designed for aspiring or newly appointed first-line managers (supervisors, team leaders) who are looking to improve their practice or gain access to this level of management. NICVA is offering a range of courses under the banner of the ILM Level 3 award in leadership and management to meet the different and varied range of experience and knowledge of first line managers or those aspiring into this position. These are online courses and learners have 2 months access to materials. NICVA provides support and guidance for assignments - 2 for each course chosen.

You can select the most appropriate course for you to study. Before, you select your courses, you should familiarise yourself with the credit requirement and the ‘rules of combination’ for the ILM Level 3 qualification.  You are required to achieve a minimum of 4 credits, minimum of two units 

We suggest you discuss this with your Line Manager, Board or Staff

You can choose from the following:

  • 8605-300 Solving Problems and Making Decisions (2 credits)
  • 8605-301 Understanding Innovation and Change in an Organisation (2 credits)
  • 8605-302 Planning Change in the Workplace (2 credits)
  • 8605-303 Planning and Allocating Work (2 credits)
  • 8605-304 Writing for Business (1 credit)
  • 8605-305 Contributing to innovation and creativity in the workplace (2 credits)
  • 8605-307 Giving Briefings and Making Presentations (2 credits)
  • 8605-308 Understanding Leadership (2 credits)
  • 8605-309 Understand How to Establish an Effective Team (1 credit)
  • 8605-310 Understanding How to Motivate to Improve Performance (2 credits)
  • 8605-311 Developing Yourself and Others (2 credits)
  • 8605-312 Understanding Conflict Management in the Workplace (1 credit)
  • 8605-313 Understanding Stress Management in the Workplace (1 credit)
  • 8605-317 Understanding Training and Coaching in the Workplace (2 credits)
  • 8605-319 Understanding Organising and Delegating in the Workplace (1 credit)
  • 8605-320 Managing Workplace Projects (2 credits)
  • 8605-323 Understand Performance Management (2 credits)
  • 8605-324 Understanding Costs and Budgets in an Organisation (1 credit)
  • 8605-326 Understanding the Communication Process in the Workplace (2 credits)
  • 8605-327 Understanding Negotiation and Networking in the Workplace (1 credit)
  • 8605-328 Understand How to Lead Effective Meetings (2 credits)
  • 8605-330 Understanding Marketing for Managers (1 credit)
  • 8600-334 Understanding and Developing Relationships in the Workplace (2 credits)
  • 8605-339 Understanding Good Practice in Workplace Coaching (2 credits)
  • 8605-341 Leading and Motivating a Team Effectively (2 credits)

Places are limited and you can access materials for a 2 month period from your start date.  Payment is required following your registration for a place.  Once payment is received, we will forward all the necessary information about ILM, NICVA, access to materials and registration details.



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