Adapt Eating Distress Association

Adapt Eating Distress Association

Adapt aims to promote and increase knowledge and provide a greater understanding of eating distress in the community. To provide help and support to people with eating disorders, their friends and families, to lobby local and regional organisations and to advocate on behalf of sufferers and carers.


  • General Enquiries: 028 38 347535
  • Helpline: 028 38 338869
  • Youthline: 028 38 32389

Adapt provides many services including:

  • Telephone Youth helpline/textline
  • Website, providing on-line support and information for young people
  • Education and awareness raising work in schools, community/youth groups
  • Training
  • Drop-in centre
  • One to one support and outreach
  • Information packs
  • Self-help monthly meeting for sufferers and carers