Age Sector Platform

Age Sector Platform

Age Sector Platform represents a strong unified voice for older people in Northern Ireland. It is the charity responsible for the Northern Ireland Pensioners Parliament.

Age Sector Platform has a membership of individuals and older people’s groups across Northern Ireland, representing approximately 200,000 people.


ASP works across a broad range of older peoples membership organisations to:

  • Provide older people’s perspectives into the formation of legislation;
  • Increase awareness of, and improve older people’s understanding of legislation which affects them;
  • Ensure that public authorities understand and comply with their statutory obligations as laid down in Section 75 (of the 1998 NI Act);
  • Participate in the political and decision-making processes that affect older people at both local and regional government level; and
  • Sustain a two-way communication process between Government bodies and older people’s organisations and networks across Northern Ireland and beyond.