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CommunityNI is a website for and by the voluntary and community sector, for sharing of information, ideas and opinions, as well as for those who provided products and services to the sector.

CommunityNI is a website for and by the voluntary and community sector, for sharing information, ideas and opinions.

The site offers users the facility to create their own content and contribute articles on behalf of their organisation or as individuals. Any content that a registered user contributes to the site is saved on their personal dashboard.

Who's it for?

CommunityNI is for those working in, for, or with the voluntary and community sector, particularly in Northern Ireland. Suppliers of products and services for the voluntary and community sector may also register and add information about what they provide to the Marketplace.

What do I get?

All parts of the website are accessible to anybody, but registered users are able to:

  • Personalise a profile
  • Add links to your own organisation's website
  • Upoad news articles, event information, job listings
  • Submit a campaigning request
Get involved

Register, and add the information you want the sector to see.

  • Share your success stories
  • Look for volunteers
  • Promote your events
  • Recruit for vacant posts

Where else is CommunityNI?

Follow CommunityNI on Twitter, or become a friend on Facebook, or simply visit our Facebook page - more places where we share the information you add to the CommunityNI website.

To register go to CommunityNI.