We provide HR advice and guidance on a range of topics to help voluntary and community organisations deal with HR matters effectively. We also provide examples of HR policies through publishing our staff handbook. You can find out more about HR issues on our HR hub.

Employment Life-cycle Training Series 2018

20 Jul 2017Training and skills, HRHR, Training, Employing People

NICVA and Sector Matters are pleased to offer this popular Employment Life-cycle series of training again this year. The four training sessions guide you through the critical elements of the employment relationship.

National Minimum Wage from 1 October 2016

10 Oct 2016Alex Hastings HRHR

The national minimum wage rates from 1 October 2016 are outlined below.

State of the Sector Profiles the VCSE Workforce

30 Sep 2016Rachel Shannon ResearchResearch, State of the Sector, HR

NICVA’s latest State of the Sector research sheds light on the size, scope and finances of the VCSE sector in Northern Ireland in a brand new online format. This article focuses on the Workforce section of the research. 

NICVA achieves membership of Employers for Disability NI

23 Aug 2016Alex Hastings HRHR

Gabrielle Fitzpatrick, Training and Advice Director at Employers for Disability NI, presents EFDNI membership certificate to NICVA.

Shared Parental Leave Policy (SPL)

16 Jun 2016Alex Hastings HRNICVA Staff Handbook, Work Life Balance, HR

NICVA understands the importance of balancing work and childcare responsibilities and this policy sets out how SPL may support a family to balance these commitments in the first year of the baby’s life. The policy contains NICVA’s procedure for SPL.

NJC Pay - two year deal agreed for 2016 - 18

3 Jun 2016Alex Hastings HRHR, Salaries, Employing People, NJC Payscales

The National Joint Council for Local Government Services has confirmed the pay deal, setting new pay rates from 1 April 2016 and 1 April 2017.

Front End Web Developer

3 Mar 2016Alex Hastings HRHR

NICVA is recruiting for a Front End Web Developer to design and build responsive web applications to support the organisation’s digital strategy.

Fundraising Advice Officer

3 Mar 2016Alex Hastings HRHR

NICVA is recruiting a Fundraising Advice Officer to join our Organisational Development team.

Skills Development Officer

3 Mar 2016Alex Hastings HRHR

NICVA is recruiting for a Skills Development Officer to join our Organisational Development team.

NICVA & Sector Matters HR Pre Budget Update 2016

17 Feb 2016Alex Hastings HRHR

As the financial year draws to a close it is a good opportunity to look at recent developments in employment legislation that may need to be factored into you 2016/17 staffing budget.