NICVA's Vision, Mission and Values

NICVA's Vision, Mission and Values


Our Vision is of a fair and equal society.


Our Mission is to provide support and leadership to create an effective vibrant voluntary and community sector.


  1. NICVA is committed to equality, justice and promoting diversity and opposes discrimination of any sort. 
  2. NICVA is committed to positive social change to address poverty and exclusion. 
  3. NICVA is committed to partnership working and adopts a community development approach. 
  4. NICVA values its staff and volunteers as the key resource of the organisation. 
  5. NICVA is committed to pursuing social, environmental and economic sustainability. 
  6. NICVA is an independent organisation and is non-party political. 
  7. NICVA strives for excellence in all that it does in order to provide high quality services. 
  8. NICVA conducts its business in an open, honest, transparent and accountable way to its members and stakeholders.