£600 energy support for Northern Ireland households to start in January

The UK Government has confirmed how customers without direct debits will receive their £600 voucher to help with energy bills.

In December, the UK Government announced all households in Northern Ireland will receive a one-off payment of £600.

Standard credit customers with no direct debit payments, and customers with prepayment meters will receive a voucher in the post for £600 from their energy supplier which can be redeemed at the Post Office either by depositing it in a bank, credit union, or by redeeming in cash where needed. 

All customers will need to take the relevant ID and documentation with them to redeem their voucher. These include your voucher letter, the correct proof of address and photo identification. Proof of address needs to be dated before 2 January 2023 to be valid.    

Vouchers will be valid until 31 March 2023. They can be reissued if lost, but customers are urged to redeem them as soon as possible.

Customers who pay their energy bills via direct debit will have their payment deposited straight into their bank account by their energy supplier and will not be provided with vouchers.

The Post Office NI has confirmed payments will start arriving from 16 January and the rollout will be staggered over four weeks.

This one-off payment is in addition to the Energy Price Guarantee which limits how much energy suppliers can charge. Full information on all Energy Support Schemes, for both domestic and non domestic customers can be viewed here.


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