All NI Households to Receive £600 Payment for Energy Bill Support

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy today released an update on Energy Bill Support Schemes in Northern Ireland for domestic customers.

All households in Northern Ireland will now receive a single, one-off £600 payment to help with their energy bills. The £600 will be made up of £400 of support under the government’s Energy Bills Support Scheme Northern Ireland and £200 of support under the Alternative Fuel Payment scheme.

All households in Northern Ireland are eligible for the full £600 payment regardless of how they heat their homes. Payments will begin in January 2023.

The Government will be funding energy supplies for this payment. Customers who pay by Direct Debit will receive the £600 into their bank account directly. Other customers, such as prepayment meter customers, will be sent a voucher to redeem the £600 payment. Further details on how this will be administrated will be released in the near future.

You can view full details on all Energy Support Schemes, for both domestic and no domestic customers here.


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