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20 Apr 2016 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 28 Apr 2016

In February and March NICVA surveyed our members to ask what their development needs were in a range of areas. We had a great response rate of 19.3% (1,209 people responded).

NICVA has been working to respond to the needs that have been identified and will continue to use this information to plan future training and events for the sector. Below are some things we have planned in response to what you, our members, have told us.

Strategic planning ranked as the first gap in leadership and management skills – there's a free Strategic and operational planning webinar 24 May as part of our FREE members' webinar series  

Almost half those that responded said that they had skills gaps in diversifying income. Developing a fundraising strategy was number one and writing tenders was the second highest response. We have planned a Developing a fundraising strategy half day training session on 26 May and Preparing to tender one day training session 9 June, with guest speaker from Central Procurement Directorate. Almost 400 people identified applying for grants as a skills gaps so we have organised a half-day session on how to source and complete grant applications successfully on 23 August.

Over a third of our members said that they had governance training needs. Our governance and charity advice team have developed excellent online resources and provide useful advice and guidance by email and phone. They also deliver our bespoke governance training to meet the needs of your board and can be delivered at a time and place that suits you. We have a Charity Trustees conference planned for 11 May on Promoting good financial governance.

Forty-seven percent of those that responded said that they had communication skills gaps. One of the key areas that was identified was working with the media as well as communicating impact. We have a FREE half day session planned for 17 May in Omagh on how the media works as well as a FREE webinar on impact practice on 15 September.

Some other skills gaps that you told us about through the survey were engaging your community (33%), research skills (24%), Human Resources (24%) volunteer management (20%), and quality assurance (18%).

We will continue to use the results of the survey to shape the provision of our training and development as well as the events that we offer to members. As always if you have particular skills or knowledge that you would like to learn or development please get in touch. We can add it to our training calendar or webinar series or develop a bespoke training session to meet the needs of staff, volunteers and board members in your organisation.'s picture
by Sandra Bailie

Head of Organisational Development

[email protected]

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