Anne Moore, Rest in Peace

7 Aug 2020     Last updated: 7 Aug 2020

Anne Moore

The Executive Committee and staff of NICVA are very sorry to hear of the death of their fellow Executive Committee member Anne Moore. 

Anne was also a member of staff in NICVA some years back and is remembered with deep affection by all her colleagues. 

As a person she was kind and gentle, warm-hearted, and always considerate of others. Always smiling and great fun to be with.  Her goal was always to do something good, to speak up about the ill effects of poverty and disadvantage. 

Working for Save the Children she worked tirelessly for disadvantaged children and lobbied strenuously on their behalf.  She worked to influence politicians, providing them with research and information to back arguments for change. 

At NICVA’s Executive Committee she contributed to the wider debate but always the champion of others. 

A truly selfless person Anne was loved, admired, and respected by all.  NICVA offers its condolences to her husband Hugh, children Charlie, Livvy and Angus, and the new grandson Reuben she so looked forward to seeing during her short illness. 

Anne Moore taking part in NICVA's Conversation Zone during Party Conferences


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