Back to school- New NICVA Impact Practice Workshops and more!

4 Aug 2022 Leeann Kelly    Last updated: 9 Aug 2022

As we find ourselves in August, we can see all around us the reminders that the new school year is not far away.  Many children will be picking their new pencils, pens, and schoolbags, with hopes what this year will bring.

In the spirit of new beginnings and opportunities to learn, NICVA is proud to introduce a series of FREE Impact Practice workshops beginning in September 2022.   

Together we will all go back to school and learn more about impact practice.  We will deliver a number of these sessions in partnership with people working and leading in the field of impact in Northern Ireland.  These sessions will be free, interactive and will always include real-life examples.  We are continuing to listen to the needs of the sector, and are developing further sessions, so watch this space as we continue to add to the impact programme.

Building on impact learning

These workshops build on over a decade of work on Inspiring Impact work and Impact Practice in Northern Ireland and across the UK.  A recently released report  ImpactReport_22_0.pdf ( found that while there has been progress in the field of Impact Practice, there is still much work to be done and it identified the need for more practical support and guidance.   

The ability to understand and demonstrate outcomes and impact is becoming a key requirement for many within the voluntary and community sector.  While organisations are often very clear about what the problem they are trying to solve and their goal but demonstrating impact can be a minefield. Commonly sighted barriers to impact practice includes lack of resources; staffing; questions about the value of impact practice and it not being valued by everyone.

“Volunteers are that busy 'doing' that they don't take the time to measure the impact that they have. They may know that they are making a difference to the people that participate, who may verbalise it but they don't take the time to record it” (CDHN, 2022)

It is hoped that these online, free workshops will offer participants the opportunity to learn more about impact practice, to get practical tips and tools, to share experiences of what works and to connect with others working in this field.  Our upcoming workshops include;

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Need help getting started with your impact journey…

If you are new to impact practice and would like to some bespoke advice from NICVA on how to get started on your own impact journey, please get in touch with Leeann Kelly at [email protected]

It is also worth checking out some of the practical advice on getting started at: Starting to measure your impact – Charity Experts (

This work is funded and supported by Department for Communities.

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by Leeann Kelly

Impact Practice Manager

[email protected]

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