Belfast Activity Centre finds funding using GrantTracker

Belfast Activity Centre, a leader in providing personal and social development programmes to young people has sourced funding to deliver their new programme Challenge to Change, using  

Belfast Activity Centre were first alerted to the funding opportunity on GrantTracker and were awarded funding by Belfast City Council, The District Police Partnership Grants to pilot Challenge to Change.  It is the first South Belfast Grant to facilitate putting 19 young people through OCN Level 2. Drugs and Alcohol Awareness. Through the resounding success of this programme, BAC went on to secure two further grants from the District Police Partnership to facilitate a further 32 young people in gaining the same accreditation from South and North Belfast this time. 

Throughout Challenge to Change the young people were given opportunities to break down any inhibitions physically and socially, working as a team through a number of outdoor challenges. As the programme progressed it became very apparent that the young people were embracing this opportunity not only enjoying the adventure elements but absorbing and understanding the dangers of substance misuse both to their bodies and their mental health. The number of young people who were accredited with the OCN upon completion of the programme was in itself testament to the success and has hopefully planted the seed early of the dangers associated with drug and alcohol abuse.

Belfast Activity Centre continue to evolve using the outdoors as a medium to reach young people whilst addressing very real and challenging issues faced by the young people including drug and alcohol misuse,  social and socio-economic disadvantage, disability and anti-social behaviour. 


GrantTracker has helped us identify and secure key grants that have been pivotal in bringing new Belfast Activity Centre programmes to life. It is tools such as GrantTracker that aid charities like Belfast Activity Centre to identify and connect with a diverse range of funders that have the same passion and drive to see young people excel and are eager to support such crucial programmes to aid this progression.

Andrea Kilpatrick of Belfast Activity Centre

To find out more about GrantTracker visit the website or get in touch with Deirdre Murphy, NICVA's Fundraising Advice Officer; Tel: 028 9087 7777 or Email: [email protected]

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