Broadband Survey: availability and speed

5 Nov 2012     Last updated: 20 Jun 2014

At NICVA we believe that access to broadband is essential for voluntary and community organisations.  We want to assess the availability of broadband for NICVA members.

We are carrying out a survey to check how many of our member organisations have access to broadband, how fast it is and to help identify any geographic areas where broadband internet access is just not an option.

We intend to analyse the survey results to highlight the extent of the problems and use the information collected to lobby and campaign for better services where we need to.

Check your broadband speed with one of the following free services:

Please help us to gather data on broadband availability by completing the survey in one of two ways.  Firstly, NICVA members will receive an email containing a link to the survey which you will be able to fill in online. Secondly, we are aware that not everyone has broadband so we have included a printed copy of the survey with the latest issue of nicvanews (November 2012). We would appreciate if you could take some time to complete the survey and return in the freepost envelope provided.

NI Assembly and broadband
Some of you will be aware that a few of our local MLAs are actively seeking answers on the topic of broadband availability in Northern Ireland and steps to widen access. If you want to find out more about who asked what, then why not visit and search for ‘broadband’.


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