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30 Jul 2015 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 9 Dec 2015

Social media training was delivered to a group of Reaching Out: Connecting Older People grant holders to help build their confidence using social media and give them tips and techniques as to how to use Facebook and Twitter more effectively.

Dervilia Kernaghan from Cancer Focus attended this course and found it very useful. She learnt about the different social media platforms that she could use. She developed skills in how to adopt a campaign for Facebook etc. Cancer Focus have a Communication Unit who co-ordinate all activity. Since attending the course Dervilia forwards information to the Unit in more useable and accurate format, maximising the opportunity for the ROCOP program. She uses social media to promote the program and to engage with a wider audience.

Dervilia in her role has to work with and liaise with health professional and using social media helps target this audience to the benefit of the project and its beneficiaries. One of the main benefits from attending the course was the informal networking with others in the same field. At the course she met with two of the BIG funded Men’s Shed co-ordinators. As a result of this she arranged to hold “Well Aware” session at the Antrim Men’s Shed. Another of the Men’s Shed co-ordinators was invited to speak at the Cancer Focus Conference focussing on men’s health. She is of the view that informal networking aspect of the ROCOP training has been really beneficial – both in terms of promoting the Well Aware sessions but also making contacts with a wider network of relevant people as Antrim’s Men’s Shed co-ordinator was then able to give Cancer Focus details of other Men’s Sheds that it would be useful to engage with.'s picture
by Sandra Bailie

Head of Organisational Development

[email protected]

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