CAUSE finds funding using GrantTracker

CAUSE, a unique peer-led regional charity offering services to families, partners and friends across Northern Ireland caring for a loved one who has experienced serious mental illness has sourced funding, using

Grant Tracker has been a fundraising toolkit that has played its part in helping local mental health charity, CAUSE, in securing funding.  Anne Tolerton Holland, CAUSE’s Fundraising Manager comments:

‘For a small charity like us Grant Tracker is that extra team member who is sifting and searching through a vast field of funders on our behalf.  We all know how time consuming this area of fundraising can be and the easy design and function of Grant Tracker makes this fundraising activity a lot more effective in terms of cost, time and success.’

Recently CAUSE has been successful in funding staff posts and projects that support its delivery of services to mental health carers. Anne continues:

‘Mental health sadly is not the most sought after or popular area for people or organisations to support (unless of course they have been directly affected by it) therefore it is vital that charities like CAUSE find those funders who will support their work and in our case – the carers. 

Grant Tracker was the first port of call for us in searching for a funder for a much needed Carers Advocate post in West Belfast.  With the initial help of Grant Tracker in finding a potential funder, we were very fortunate in securing three years funding from The Henry Smith Charity. Grant Tracker is not only restricted to Trusts and Foundations it can also provide you with relevant information on local and national corporates.  Funding at your Fingertips is exactly what it is – no small charity like us should be without this toolkit whether you are an experienced fundraiser or just new to fundraising!’

To find out more about GrantTracker visit the website or get in touch with Deirdre Murphy, NICVA’s Fundraising Advice Officer Tel: 028 9087 7777 or Email: [email protected]

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