Celebrating trusteeship

12 Nov 2018 Denise Copeland    Last updated: 12 Nov 2018

Trustees’ Week 2018 takes place during 12-16 November to celebrate the great work that trustees contribute to charities.  It is also an opportunity for charities to think about how they could attract new people onto their Boards. 

Trustees Week can often prompt trustees to think about what it means to be a trustee including what their roles and responsibilities are, how effective they are on their boards and how effective their board is.  Trustees could use this week as a starting point to introduce the question at the next meeting - How good is our governance?  If you’re a Trustee, why not ask to put it on the agenda of your next meeting to get the ball rolling, along with the following supporting information  http://www.nicva.org/article/how-good-is-your-governance 

NICVA has organised two separate events for Trustees Week which should help trustees fulfil their role more effectively:

  • Building resilience and managing risk - Our members’ only event 
  • Our governance training for faith organisations

For further governance help support and/or advice please contact Michele or Denise in the governance team at NICVA.

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by Denise Copeland

Governance and Charity Advice Manager

[email protected]

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