Celebrating Volunteers' week 2021

28 May 2021 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 29 May 2021

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Volunteers' Week 2021 is a time to say thank you. This is a great opportunity to recognise all the valuable work that our volunteers do throughout Northern Ireland and thank and celebrate them.

We spoke to four of our members who told us of the wonderful work their volunteers do and why they wanted to say a massive THANK YOU to them.


Throughout the last year, Inspire Wellbeing Volunteers have brought immeasurable value to our services across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.  Often going above and beyond,  they have provided support, suitable opportunities and creative spaces for service users in the midst of what has been a challenging year for many.  Inspire Volunteers Billy and Mandy have worked hard to develop and maintain a beautiful garden at our Aspen service in Belfast for all to enjoy.  Through their dedication, passionate and innovative approach, our service users have been able to enjoy the peace and solace this space provides.  Team Inspire is stronger for the contribution and the invaluable skills our Volunteers provide.  From us to them – THANK YOU!! Inspire

Inspire volunteers hard at work


This Volunteers’ Week, we’re saying a big THANK YOU to everyone who gives of their time, experience and energy to support our work with children and young people with lived experience of care. Volunteers, like Tommi, make a huge difference in the lives of young people, especially during this past, challenging year. At VOYPIC, we’re looking forward to developing more opportunities for volunteers over the next twelve months. If you’re interested in getting involved, visit www.voypic.org/volunteer for more info.

Voypic volunteer, Tommi

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful is an environmental charity dedicated to making Northern Ireland a cleaner and more pleasant place to live. Our Live Here Love Here programme enables and equips people to tackle litter in their local area by providing resources through our Adopt A Spot project. We highly value volunteer support and the energy and enthusiasm for making local spaces cleaner. We want to thank all the environmental heroes who have demonstrated consistent hard work, instilling civic pride and tackling environmental issues in their local community; during these unprecedented times, the live Here Love Here volunteers, adapted and found ways to continue your positive environmental activities. Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful.

Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful volunteer

Me You and Them

This organisation would not exist without volunteers and they play a massive role. We promote positive mental health in our community. Volunteers have do so much, especially in the last year. They prepared meals, delivered meals and food bags, printed off school materials for kids, gave out devices, ran a befriending service. Every single piece of work has been delivered by volunteers, we owe so much to them. We want to thank them for their compassion, commitment, for showing up and being there for the community. You Me and Them.

If anyone would like to volunteer or find out more about volunteering please contact Volunteer Now.

Me, You and Them volunteers


Volunteer Week from Roisin kelly on Vimeo.

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