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12 Dec 2016 Roisin Kelly    Last updated: 26 May 2017

NICVA was delighted to host its 12th presentation of certificates ceremony on 1 December. 40 ILM and TQUK graduates gathered to share their learning and received their well-earned certificates. 

Since setting up as an ILM centre in 2009 and in 2013 establishing ourselves as a TQUK approved centre, over 500 people have gained an ILM and TQUK qualification.

NICVA is pleased to work closely with the two awarding bodies to ensure that the courses we offer are relevant to our sector and are focused on making an impact on individual’s development and in strengthening their organisations.

All course participants either work or volunteer in the sector so it is always a balancing act to dedicate time to studying and learning on top of everything else, and to that end we send out a hearty congratulations to everyone.

Sandra Bailie, Head of Organisational Development at NICVA commented “One of the key components of all of our training courses is encouraging people to become more self-aware and reflective in their practice. Even by taking time out of the working week by attending a class it can help to review and evaluate what we are doing and why and what we need to change. I hope that whatever programme you have been part of that you have learnt something about yourself that has helped you become more effective in what you do whether that is management of volunteers, leadership, coaching or training and education.”

“I am delighted that Tracy and Jamie from the management of volunteers and Level 5 diploma in leadership and management programmes came and delivered a short presentation on the impact of their learning” said Roisin Kelly, NICVA’s Skills Development Coordinator said.  “It is really encouraging to hear how they have practically applied their learning back to their own work practice and how it has improved their delivery – whether that is in motivating their volunteers or using management models such as Action Learning within their teams”

Shauna Kane, ILM’s Quality & Compliance Manager Northern Ireland & Europe recognized the hard work and commitment learners put into their assignments in particular and said “Some people wonder about the value of having ILM accreditation – why not just attend the training and then out it into practice?  But you will all probably have realised by now that it is only when you start to study the information outside of the classroom and have to apply it and then reflect on it, that you really start to learn” 

Shauna continued that “we all learn by doing and ILM programmes try to teach you the best ways to do things – whether managing yourself , your resources or your staff” 

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by Roisin Kelly

Skills Development Coordinator

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