Charity Commission NI Guidance on campaigning and EU Referendum

The Charity Commission for NI has published its guidance for organisations wishing to participate in the debate on the EU referendum.

Campaigning in run up to the EU Referendum provides helpful information for organisations that want to get involved in the debate, share issues that are important to them or take a public position on the remain or leave question.

It is important charities read the guidance themselves and assess how it applies to your organisation. Essentially it reaffirms that charities are “uniquely placed to campaign and advocate on behalf of their beneficiaries and this can be a legitimate, and important, way for a charity to work to achieve its charitable purposes.” 

The guidance adds:

“A charity can carry out political activity or campaigning, including taking part in the referendum process, provided:

  • the activity is solely in support of its charitable purposes

  • the activity is not prohibited in its governing document

  • it remains independent and does not align itself with a particular political party or politician

  • it is in the charity’s best interests and the trustees are acting with due care

Frances McCandless from CCNI will be at our EU Referendum event on 7th April to answer any questions you may have.

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