Coffee, Donuts and Cats at NICVA's Second Annual Tweetup Event

The chairs were barely stacked away after last year's successful Tweetup before people started asking when we could have another one, so on 10 April, over seventy people gathered at NICVA to share their experiences and advice on using social media.

UTV's Marc Mallet () hosted the event for us again and we were pleased to have Koulla Yiasouma () from Include Youth, political commentator Alex Kane () and digital strategist Kathleen Holmlund () on the discussion panel.

The coffee and donuts proved to be very popular at the start of the afternoon and feature prominently in our Storify roundup of the day, collating tweets, images and video posted by participants using the #TweetNICVA hashtag. Coffee was generously provided by Common Grounds Cafe, a not for profit company which has been operating for more than eight years and has given away almost £56,000 to charity. catered for us.

After an introduction in which NICVA's Lisa McElherron () whizzed us through the past year of social media, giving some great examples of popular news items, the audience were challenged to try and get a celebrity to tweet to them before the end of the day. If you read the Storify page, you'll see who tweeted, who responded and who won the coveted box of donuts!


NICVA TweetUp April 2013 from NICVA on Vimeo.

Along with good advice on how to be engaging in social media, the panel discovered a shared love of cats and so many felt compelled to share images of their felines.

Useful 'unconference' discussion groups covered the pros and cons of live tweeting (thanks ), a discussion on online bullying (thank you ), managing multiple accounts (thanks ) and even some tips for less confident users provided by . There was also some invaluable legal advice from to keep us on the right side of the law in social media.

When's the next one?

The 'buzz' in our social media feeds lets us know you enjoyed the afternoon as much as we did and if anybody is interested in working with us on organising future events on a regular, but perhaps smaller, basis, please get in touch with us through Twitter ( or ).

And, if it all leaves you baffled or nervous, but you'd like to know more about using social media to help promote the work of your organisation, NICVA's next scheduled training event which covers the basics and gives you some tips to get you tweeting with confidence will be on 11 June.


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