Communication is the key

31 Aug 2011     Last updated: 20 Jun 2014

Communication is at the heart of everything we do and is one of the key tools we need to run an effective and successful organisation. If we don't get it right we run the risk, at the very least, of not being heard amongst the thousands of other charit

One of the most difficult challenges facing voluntary and community organisations is getting exposure for the work they do. We know the value of our work but how do we get that across to the public? How do we make sure that our organisation's services are highlighted to potential users, and how do we promote our organisation and communicate our impact to ensure it is recognised and supported by decision-makers, funders and the general public?

Due to the nature of modern communication, people are bombarded by advertising, news stories and messages in their daily lives, whether it is at work or at home. Increasingly we are connected 24/7. The rise in use of smart phones and social media means that there are more communication channels open to us, but does your message stand out? And does the uptake of social media mean the more traditional means of communication are redundant? The short answer to that is no!

To spread your organisation’s message as widely as possible it is important to cover all or as many of the available communication channels. NICVA is running courses to cover all aspects of communication to equip you with the skills to keep your organisation and its message in the spotlight. From contacting the press to use of social media and from successful event management to marketing, our courses will help you to manage all the external communication channels necessary to get your message out there.

The communication courses on offer are:

To find out more or to request a booking for any of these courses simply click on the links above. Other courses in NICVA's new training calendar follow the themes of governance, fundraising, and management and leadership. Find out more about NICVA's training.

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