Community Currencies and Trading Schemes – Masterclass

NICVA's second Masterclass of the year examined community-based currencies and trading schemes.

Leander Bindewald from the EU Community Currencies in Action project discussed the types and advantages of alternative currencies, including locally-based currencies such as the Brixton pound.

Money as a Social Technology - Leander Bindewald (nef)


Sinead Quinn gave an overview of Volunteer Now's Timebanking schemes, in which people exchange services using time invested, rather than money, as the medium of exchange.

Timebanking - Sinead Quinn (Volunteer Now)

Alex Tennant talked about the Belfast Foodswap initiative which facilitates the trade of homemade food and drink, also without the use of money. You can follow the initiative on twitter and on Facebook.

Ross Brown explained how Bryson Energy's Community Oil Buying Club brings communities together to bargain collectively for cheaper home oil prices.

Community Oil Buying Club - Ross Brown (on behalf Bryson Energy)

Speaking after the event Eoin Rooney, CEE Coordinator said:

"Since the financial crisis there has been renewed interest in community-based trading. Today we learnt about real life examples which are stimulating trade and employment, and helping people to take control of the local economy. It was also acknowledged that many of these initiatives are small-scale and cannot be expected to tackle the problems of the mainstream economy on their own. But they are part of the solution".

Interviews with Eoin Rooney (NICVA), Leander Bindewald (New Economics Foundation), Sinead Quinn (Volunteer Now), Alex Tennant (Belfast Foodswop), Ross Brown (Bryson Energy).

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