Community Planning Update

This is a report on each of the eleven council's approach to community planning and an update on the development of their community plan. 


BelfastFirst draft of the community plan – The Belfast Agenda produced 30 June 2016.  Further development following comments from Partners, a revised draft Community plan to be disussed and next steps agreed for final sign off of the Belfast Agenda for consultation in Oct/Nov 2016– AC attended meeting of Community Planning Partners Forum 21 Sept 2016.
Lisburn & Castlereagh

Consultants to be engaged to facilitate the production of the Community Plan. DfC officials attending meetings of the social, Environmental & Economic Well-being Thematic Groups.


Meeting 1 Sept 2016 at which the District Strategic Community Planning Partnership Agreement was signed by partners. 

Plan to focus on the local economy, the environment, quality of life, community safety, society, infrastructure and local services.  We also have detailed information on what our residents like and don’t like; what is good and what could be improved.  The Partnership will launch a Draft community Plan consultation in late 2016.


Also  - Local Development Plan (spatial plan)  to be in place 1st quarter 2020 – its Preferred Options Paper to be published Dec 2016.

Ards & North Down

Ten emerging outcomes currently being considered for the Community Plan. to be refined at the October workshop.


October 2016  Workshops to finalise 15 year outcomes, intermediate outcomes, indicators, targets, and assign responsibility


Dec 2016 the Strategic Community Planning Partnership will sign off the draft outcomes and intermediate outcomes which will then go out for public consultation


Jan 2016  - Agree actions and delivery mechanism  Framework of Community Plan out for 8 week public consultation with SEA and EQIA


March 2017 The Strategic Community Planning Partnership will endorse and agree the Community Plan for publication


April 2017 Review structure of TDGs to reflect content and delivery of Community Plan  - Agree reporting mechanism.

Armagh, Banbridge & Craigavon6 thematic working groups – two each under three Pillars Social Ecomomic Environmental  which will progress the refinement of the evidence base, identify potential priorities and associated outputs and actions and consider the cross cutting themes for each thematic area.  This work will be ongoing between April 16-August 16.  The reports from these will be considered by the wider working partnership and prioritised to from the draft community plan in Autumn 2016, consultation in late 2016.
Mid & East Antrim

Task and Finish Working Groups (TFWG) to prepare a paper recommending Borough wide strategic outcomes for the theme and the actions necessary to deliver these for the whole of the Mid and East Antrim area.  The initial themes are:

  • Theme 1 – Good Health and Wellbeing
  • Theme 2 – Progress in Education – improving aspirations for all
  • Theme 3 – Improving Community Safety and Cohesion
  • Theme 4 – Sustainable Jobs & Tourism

Draft plan for consultation Dec 2016

Derry City & Strabane

DSD had early, regular & ongoing involvement in Task & Finish/ Co Design Group since Autumn 2014. Local development office representation on 2 of the 8 thematic sub groups.


Plan structured as 3 Pillars Social; Economic & Environmental, comprising 8 Themes.  23 Outcomes identified for Plan -Anthony attended inaugural Transition Community Planning Partnership meeting on 01 July 2016.  Community plan Consultation due late Autumn 2016 - December/January 2016/17 - Consideration of: feedback from public consultation on Draft Strategic Community Plan.

Omagh & Fermanagh

4 Community planning Themes  people & communities; Economy, infrastructure & skills; Environment; Strong Partnership,. 

The Strategic Partnership Board has been established on an ‘Interim’ basis pending the conclusion of forthcoming consultation and the agreement of the draft Community Plan and associated governance proposals.  The draft Community Plan was considered and agreed at the first meeting of the Strategic Partnership Board on 8 September 2016.  Draft Community Plan and the Local Development Plan Preferred Options Paper to be launched for a period of 8 weeks consultation commencing on the 3rd October 2016.

Causeway Coast & GlensCurrently developing themes/priorities for the draft Plan, aiming to consult on Community plan early in 2017.
Antrim & Newtownabbey

Held first meeting of Community Planning Partnership on 27 Oct 2015.


Three statutory partners’ workshops have resulted in a Draft community plan Framework drafted containing Outcomes with proposed Results and Indicators/Measures to achieve these. 


Timeline for delivery of community plan – draft plan for agreement by Partnership for consultation 6 Dec 2016; 12wk Consultation to commence Dec 2016; Final Plan agreed by Partnership March 2017.


Partnership Learning Day on Outcomes Based Accountability & its application to Community Planning scheduled for Tues 29 November (Nichola to attend).

Newry Mourne & DownThematic Delivery Groups linked to District Electoral Area Fora agreed.  Request for specific data sets may be put to us for consideration.  Nichola attended meeting of Community Planning Partnership 15 Sept 2016. Pending agreement by Partners the Draft Community plan will issue for consultation in mid/late October 2016.
Mid Ulster DistrictRecent first draft community plan issued to stakeholders for initial comment.  Final amendments to be agreed by Community Planning Board before Draft Plan Community Consultation scheduled for November/ December 2016.


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