Consultation on Rebalancing the Economy

Officials from the Treasury, DFP and DETI will be in NICVA on 20 May from 9.30am – 12.30pm to hold a consultation with voluntary and community organisations on the recently released

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NICVA has produced a summary of the report which you can download below. The main element of the report considers the case for devolving the power to set the rate of corporation tax to the NI Assembly.  NICVA is the only organisation to invite Treasury officials to come and outline their plans to our members because we think this is as important debate for voluntary and community organisations to be involved in. Corporation Tax is being sold as the main game changer for the economy in Northern Ireland and voluntary and community organisations are interested in learning more about what this will mean for the economy as a whole and in particular the vulnerable people and communities they work with.

The seminar will begin with a presentation from high level civil servants from the Department of Finance and Personnel and Department of Enterprise Trade and Investment who will outline the economic strategy for Northern Ireland and why the Rebalancing the Economy document is important. Treasury officials will then outline the UK government's thinking on this issue and the details of their proposals. Prof Mike Tomlinson from QUB will then offer an analysis of the policy proposals and voluntary and community organisations will have time to ask questions and discuss the key issues for them.


This event is the first event organised by NICVA’s new Centre for Economic Empowerment project.  

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