Creativity for Collaborative Peacebuilding Networking Event - Recording

14 Jun 2021 Mary McCaughey    Last updated: 14 Jun 2021

Belfast City Council, NICVA and Partners delivered an informative PEACE IV funded networking conference on 10th June.

If you missed it or want to hear some more of what was discussed, click on the below link:

Link to recording

There were opportunities to hear from Tim Kendrick from Fife Council discussing how they are moving from a service based Council towards a more collaborative approach. 

Mark McKergow from Edinburgh spoke of leading at a local neighbourhood level and making small, meaningful differences.

Ryan Black, Director of Belfast City Council’s Neighbourhood Services spoke about having ‘real conversations’ and embedding co-design at a community level.

Councillor Mal O’Hara, Vice Chair of the Shared City Partnership gave an overview of the Belfast Agenda.

Our TLP participants from North, East, South and West of the city shared their positive news regarding their project ideas.'s picture
by Mary McCaughey

Programme Support Officer (TLP)

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