DHSSPS Health and Social Care Revenue Grant Scheme

21 Aug 2015 Seamus McAleavey    Last updated: 25 Aug 2015

An update on the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS) revenue grant scheme.


The Minister for Health, Simon Hamilton announced the phased closure of the Department’s existing ‘Core Grant’ scheme on 25 June 2015 saying "For a number of reasons, we need to make changes to how we core grant voluntary and community sector organisations. The existing core grant scheme will come to an end in March 2018”. The Minister went on to say: "As the core grant scheme is being wound down, the new innovation scheme will be put in its place. We will involve the sector in the design of the scheme and I am confident that the sector will be able to deliver innovative solutions to deliver improved health and social care outcomes."

The Minister is also committed to the concept of co-design of the new funding scheme that involves the Department as the funder and the community and voluntary sector as the grant fund recipients.

NICVA has met Departmental officials today to discuss the process and timescale for developing the new funding scheme and the following is broadly agreed:

Design Team

There will be a Design Team established by DHSSPS to develop the scheme.  It will have two departmental representatives, two voluntary and community sector representatives and possibly 3 other individuals with relevant expertise. The first meeting of the Design Team will be in September.

The Design Team will publish an outline discussion paper in October and lead an interactive process of consultation. The discussion paper itself will be subject to Ministerial approval before the consultation begins.

The Design Team will submit its proposals to the Minister in January/February 2016 and the Minister will then take a final decision on the new scheme.

NICVA will work closely with the Department and assist with secretariat support to the Design Team and will act as a conduit for communication with the sector in what will be an open and innovative process. NICVA will create a Hub on the NICVA website to carry information on the process and promote engagement between the Design team and all interested organisations.

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