#DigitalFundraising Webinar Series 2021

1 Nov 2021 Jocelyn Horton    Last updated: 19 Nov 2021

NICVA Fundraising Advice is delighted to present the #DigitalFundraising Webinar Series 2021, 6-9 December. 

Set over four days, NICVA members can choose from a range of sessions offering inspiring ideas, useful tips, handy products and motivating discussions as we delve into the latest trends and innovations to help your charity thrive in the digital environment in our ever-increasing cashless society.

The webinar series is part of our exploration of cashless giving (see article links below). This is an area many charities had to adopt from the on start of the pandemic, and the trend for cashless giving is set to stay

Designed for charities and groups of all sizes and fundraisers at all levels, choose the session that best meets your need and position in the digital fundraising journey.

Each session will have a chance for you to ask questions. Find out more below. 

Our webinars

Online marketing is the new normal: What charities can learn and do

Ciaran Connolly, CEO ProfileTree

Monday 6th December


Today, digital media almost always outperforms traditional marketing. Presenting many opportunities and challenges for charities to navigate the digital world. This session will explore the great things charities and small businesses are doing online that others can employ.

Building Digital Capacity in the Voluntary & Community Sector

Kevin McCaughan, Freelance Fundraiser

Monday 6th December


Delivered by Kevin McCaughan, a freelance fundraiser with over thirty years’ experience and an interest in digital transformation that predates COVID-19, this session explores the challenges and the capacity needed by the third sector in Northern Ireland to fundraise successfully; digital citizens are fast becoming the norm but the digital train has for many charities already left the platform, so how do charities become digitalised? 

Cashless Giving with the Fundraising Regulator

Paul Winyard, Policy Manager at the Fundraising Regulator

Joanne McDowell, NI Manager at the Fundraising Regulator

Tuesday 7th December


Online fundraising was the most complained about method of fundraising during the height of the pandemic, according to the Fundraising Regulator’s latest Annual Complaints Report. Paul and Joanne host a presentation and Q&A session sharing their thoughts and insights into Fundraising Regulation, the Code of Fundraising Practice and recent learning related to online and cashless giving. 

Cashless Donations with Supported Giving

Jonathan Muggleton, Delivery & Operations Manager at Supported Business

Charlotte Barnard, Customer Success Executive at Supported Giving

Tuesday 7th December


Join Jonathan and Charlotte as they demonstrate how QR Codes and Text to donate are highly versatile - not only can they be used to obtain donations, but they can also be used for lotteries, raffles and auctions with massive marketing potential on vehicles, posters, leaflets, programmes, social media, and more. Supported Giving will also provide follow up advice to attendees.

Online Donations and Fundraising: financial best practice

Tony Clarke, Clarke & Co

Wednesday 8th December


Tony Clarke’s in-depth experience of working with the Third sector can help guide charities through the best practises in online donations and fundraising. The session will cover what is cashless payment and what types exist, what are the risks and things for organisations to think about, what records should you be keeping, how to report to Trustees, and Yearend reporting.

Live Panel Discussion

Thursday 9th December


A range of experts from the fundraising world will discuss the opportunities, the challenges, and the ideas charities can use to maximise digital donations. Includes a presentation from Daniel Fluskey giving an overview of how fundraising changed during the pandemic.


  • Joanne McDowell, NI Manager at the Fundraising Regulator and previously worked at Big Lottery Fund.
  • Kathryn Holland, Outdoor Events Manager at Cancer Focus Northern Ireland
  • Daniel Fluskey, Head of Policy and External Affairs at the Chartered Institute of Fundraising
  • Matthew Allen, Community Fundraising Manager at Concern Worldwide UK


Read more about cashless giving from NICVA Fundraising Advice below:

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