DIY committee guide, revamped and launched

21 Sep 2022 Denise Copeland    Last updated: 28 Sep 2022

The Developing Governance Group with guest speakers

The revamped DIY committee guide website was launched at a special seminar on 20 September by the Developing Governance Group.

As with the Governance Health Check which was revised and launched in June to help committees / boards to assess their own governance practices, is an online resource to help voluntary boards find the guidance and practical resources they need to improve or enhance their governance.

Thanks to funding from Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland, the website has undergone a complete revamp which should make it easier to navigate and access the content via tablets and smartphones.   There has also been an overhaul of the content to streamline it and align it with the revised Code of Good Governance as well as new resources added. 

The launch event

Denise Copeland, Governance and Charity Advice Manager, NICVA provided background on the work of the Developing Governance Group and the development of the Code of Good Governance.  She thanked Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland on behalf of the Group for providing funding for the entire project.    

Joanne Byrne, Acting Executive Director of Halifax Foundation for Northern Ireland officially launched the website and highlighted the importance of good governance from a funder’s perspective. She commended the website, Governance Health Check and the Code of Good Governance as important tools for organisations to use to help them implement good governance.                                                                    

Joanne Byrne

Roger Courtney, who carried out the content review of the website, also highlighted the importance of good governance and commented that often when issues emerge on boards it can be because of poor governance.  He also commented on the delightful job he had of working his way through “this bowl of spaghetti” in reference to the quantity of content on the website.                

Roger Courtney

Denise Hayward, CEO, Volunteer Now, presented the newly revamped DIY committee guide website and showed how it can be used to find relevant guidance and practical resources.  She demonstrated how the resources are aligned to the Code and how it links through to the suggested evidence in the Governance Health Check.  

The event finished with lunch for those attending in person, hopefully it did too for those attending online!

Further information

Governance Health Check


Developing Governance Group 

If you would like a poster or hard copies of the Code of Good Governance for each of your Trustees then please contact [email protected] to arrange to collect or any of the members of the Developing Governance Group. 

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by Denise Copeland

Governance and Charity Advice Manager

[email protected]

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