Door-to-door collections may resume

28 Aug 2020 Denise Copeland    Last updated: 28 Aug 2020

The PSNI has announced that it will recommence accepting applications for door-to-door collections provided that a suitable and sufficient risk assessment is carried out.  

The Department for Communities also has no objections to permitting house-to-house collections in line with the guidance given by the Department of Health. 

In a statement issued today, a spokesperson for the PSNI outlined that:  

"If, following a suitable and sufficient risk assessment, the charity puts in place, implements and maintains the appropriate mitigating measures identified from their risk assessment, then it would be assumed that this should be adequate to safeguard the public. As a result, businesses and charitable organisations should seek their own legal advice on whether or not the measures it puts in place are 'appropriate'."

The spokesperson also highlighted that

 "the PSNI will not be responsible for ensuring or checking risk assessments have been carried out. We will assume these have been completed before applications are submitted." 

The PSNI signposted to the Fundraising Regulator's guidance on public fundraising which includes public health considerations when fundraising door-to-door.  For more information see's picture
by Denise Copeland

Governance and Charity Advice Manager

[email protected]

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