Draft Budget Consultation Launched

The draft budget consultation for 2015-16 was launched by the Minister for Finance and Personnel on 3rd November with the deadline for responses the 29th December.

The Minister announced the draft budget in a statement to the Assembly on the 3rd of November. A summary of the details included in the draft budget is available here and you can access the consultation document here.

A consultation event to discuss the contents of the draft budget has been arranged for the 8th of December in NICVA. For further details on this meeting, or to reserve a place please click here.

As individual Departments make their spending plans public NICVA will publish links to them on this page and arrange further consultation events.

The Department for Culture, Arts and Leisure published their spending plans on 20th November. Departmental Officials will present these at a consultation event in NICVA on the 5th December to register for this event please click here.

The Department for Health, Social Services and Public Safety published their budget on 26th November. We hope to arrange a consultation event in due course, more details will be posted here when available.

The Department for Agriculture and Rural Development have now published their draft proposals on their website. A consultation event is being arranged and for details will be made available when appropriate.

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