Eastside Awards 2020

27 Jan 2020 Mary McCaughey    Last updated: 28 Jan 2020

NICVA was delighted to attend the Eastside Awards ceremony on Friday night, where the East Belfast Community Capacity and Leadership Programme won the Titanic Eastside Award for Innovation. 

It was a pleasure to be there with our fantastic partners who worked so hard to make the programme a success - EBCDA, Youth Action, Interaction Institute for Social Change and Tides Training. The evening offered a chance to highlight the significance of programmes like this for the East Belfast community, and to reconnect with our partners and many of our learners on the programme, who all contributed to making it a vibrant and relevant leadership programme for all those striving to make life better in East Belfast.

Co-ordinator Helen McLaughlin of NICVA said, “We already knew the East Belfast Community Capacity and Leadership Programme was pretty special because of the partners we were working with. But most of all because of the enthusiastic and positive participation of the East Belfast community. Tonight’s award is the icing on the cake – a real good news story for East Belfast”.

NICVA and EBCDA continue to support leaders across Belfast with the new Belfast City Council Peace IV funded Transformative Leadership Programme, which is available in interface areas across Belfast, and has allowed us to work with a growing network of partners (EBCDA, Falls Community Council, West Belfast Partnership Board and Forward South). Contact Helen, the Co-ordinator, if you’d like to know more – [email protected]

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by Mary McCaughey

Programme Support Officer (TLP)

[email protected]

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