Employment Equality FAQs #1 - Should I advertise all job vacancies in newspapers?

24 Aug 2010     Last updated: 20 Jun 2014

This is the first in a series of frequently asked questions & answers prepared by the Equality Commission for Northern Ireland. If you have an equality related query please contact Brian Drury on 028 9050 0638.

Q: Should I  advertise all job vacancies in newspapers?

A: It is not a legal requirement that all jobs must be advertised in newspapers but you should satisfy yourself that recruitment arrangements do not disadvantage certain groups or sections within society.

When advertising a position, as far as practicable you should:

  • Advertise widely - so that as many eligible and suitably qualified candidates as possible have an opportunity to apply
  • Use a range of different media – Avoid only using media predominately read only read by persons who share a particular background.  Employers who advertise vacancies on their own websites should also concurrently advertise in Job Centres, or in one or more newspapers, or on online recruitment websites.
  • Avoid discriminatory language - Use language which is clear, simple and non-discriminatory. do not use vague or abstract words, particularly ones which may allow inferences of age discrimination such as young or mature.
  • Exercise caution with photographs - Ensure that the advertisement as a whole does not give the impression that the employer might be seeking to recruit a person with a particular "equality" characteristic: e.g. a man or a woman;
  • Use an equal opportunities statement - Make it clear that all sections of the community are welcome by including an equal opportunity statement.
  • Declare genuine occupational requirements – If an employer intends to rely on a lawful “genuine occupational requirement” exception, then this fact should be stated in the advertisement, clearly outlining which specific job role(s) the exception applies to.  

Additional information is available from: Recruitment Advertising - A Good Practice Guide The Equality Commission will be delivering a series of policy review workshops for voluntary sector employees over the forthcoming year - for further information contact: [email protected] -Tel 028 9050 0638.        

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