European Election Candidate Hustings

Friday, 9 May 2014 was Europe Day and NICVA organised a hustings event to provide the voluntary and community sector with the opportunity to question European candidates on the issues that matter to them.

Four confirmed candidates for the European Parliament elections and three party representatives engaged with the sector addressing issues including; environment and rural development, rights and equality, employment and workers rights, migration and freedom of movement, poverty and inclusion and Northern Ireland's relationship with the EU.

The panel included; " target="_blank">Alex Attwood, SDLP candidate, Anna Lo, Alliance Party candidate, Mickey Brady, representating Sinn Fein candidate Martina Anderson, " target="_blank">Ross Brown, Green Party candidate, " target="_blank">Tina McKenzie, NI 21 candidate, Stephen Nicholl, standing in for UUP candidate " target="_blank">Jim Nicholson and Nelson McCausland, who stood in for DUP candidate Diane Dodds.

Audio from the hustings event is available below.




 You can read a summary of the event on our Storify feed below.

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