Executive allocates additional Covid funding support

21 May 2021 Shauna O'Neill    Last updated: 21 May 2021

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The Executive has agreed almost £220 million of Covid funding to support the social recovery from Covid. The health service, education, the arts, charities and sports organisations are among the beneficiaries.

The Department for Communities has been allocated funding of £50.3m to help provide support to the people, communities and sectors who have been directly impacted by the pandemic.

The £50.3 million allocation is to address a range of pressures including £10 million to Councils to ensure the continued delivery of local public services, as well as £3 million to support council-managed community development and advice services via the Community Support Programme.

The total also includes £13 million to Arts, Culture and Heritage to support ongoing recovery within the sector. £5 million is provided to the Sports Sustainability Fund to help alleviate the ongoing effects of the pandemic on sporting bodies, while an additional £5 million is being provided to support charities and social enterprises facing continued financial difficulties.

The pandemic has had a significant impact on levels of unemployment. £12 million is therefore also being provided to allow the Department to progress its Restart scheme, which will support older people in returning to employment.

Of the overall £220 million budget, nearly £60 million will support the health service to help continue the roll out of the Covid-19 vaccination programme. Over £50 million is being allocated to support children and young people’s education - this includes £20 million to provide laptops for teachers and voluntary youth services. £10 million for well-being and pastoral support for students, funding for Special Educational Needs services as well as support for the Irish Medium sector, outdoor education centres and outdoor play in primary schools.

£9 million will be provided for the Further Education Sector to ensure a safe learning for students including through funding for Covid testing.

A written Ministerial statement outlining the allocations in full can be found here.

A breakdown of DfC allocation includes:

  • £10m to Councils
  • £3m to support council-managed community development and advice services
  • £13m to Arts, Culture and Heritage
  • £5m for Sports
  • £5m to support charities and social enterprises
  • £12m to allow the Department to progress a scheme to support the long term unemployed find work
  • £1m for Food interventions
  • £0.8m to support towns and city centres
  • £0.5 million for IT support.      
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by Shauna O'Neill

Communications Officer

[email protected]

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