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12 Nov 2014 Shauna O'Neill    Last updated: 4 Jul 2019

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The Centre for Independent Living NI (CILNI) is a regional organisation run by disabled people for disabled people, with offices in Omagh, Magherafelt, Armagh and Belfast.

CILNI work to promote the principles of independent living and, in particular, to provide a range of services for people using or considering using Direct Payments and/or Self-Directed Support.

A Direct Payment is an amount of money that someone, who requires support from their local Health and Social Care Trust, may be able to get instead of using traditional services (such as domiciliary staff, home-help, day centre, respite etc).  It enables people to arrange their own support in a way that suits them best. Many people using Direct Payments experience greater choice and control, they choose who works for them, when they work and what they do.

Most people use their Direct Payments to directly employ their own Personal Assistants (PAs). Becoming an employer can be a daunting thought for most people. CILNI however, can assist throughout the process and on an on-going basis. Here are some of the ways CILNI can support you –

  • Provide help with identifying support needs and accessing that support from the local Health and Social Care Trust
  • Information on Direct Payments and other forms of support available
  • Advice and training on recruitment and management of PAs and/or using an agency
  • Payroll Service - assistance with producing payslips, Tax, NIC and other returns for the HMRC

Who might be eligible –

  • Disabled people
  • Older people who require support
  • People with enduring mental health needs
  • Disabled parents
  • Parents of disabled children
  • Carers for services to meet their own needs

Recently CILNI has produced a series of videos and leaflets explaining how people have used Direct Payments to gain greater independence which can be viewed on the CILNI website: www.cilni.org. If your organisation supports disabled people, CILNI can provide Direct Payment Awareness Workshops for your staff and service users.  

For further information –

Tel: 028 90 648 546
Email: [email protected]
Write to: CILNI, Linden House, Beechill Business Park, 96 Beechill Road, Belfast BT8 7QN
Or visit the website: www.cilni.org

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by Shauna O'Neill

Information Officer

[email protected]

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