Featured Member - Ulster Angling Federation

National Fishing Month starts in July. One NICVA member organisation represents over 7,000 anglers across Northern Ireland and campaignins on environmental issues as well.

The Ulster Angling Federation was founded in 1930 and is the representative body for game angling associations in Northern Ireland. With a membership of some 60 member clubs, the Federation represents anglers in discussions with public bodies, government, NGO and on a wide range of committees, where the voice of anglers needs to be heard. They also offer a Group Insurance Scheme for member clubs.
The Federation uses its vast network of anglers as its eyes and ears - monitoring water quality issues, planning issues, hydros, illegal dumps and road improvements, so that the Federation can demand action from politicians.
Robbie Marshall, the Federation’s Development Officer says: “In the 21st Century the vulnerability of our environment has never been greater. The number of environmental pressures facing anglers and fisheries appears to be on the increase and the current lack of a government is making things difficult.
“It also looks like Brexit will take up a lot of our time, as we try to ensure the environment is properly protected as European Law is transposed into local legislation.”
The Federation produce a monthly newsletter to outline the efforts of the Federation and their Development Officer in particular, giving a better insight into their overall work.
You can find out more about the work of the Federation on their website, which is constantly updated to reflect a range of issues and developments.

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