Finance Minister comments on EU referendum meeting with NICVA, Business and Trade Unions.

NICVA Chief Executive Seamus McAleavey joined partners from business organisations and trade unions to discuss the implications of the EU referendum result with Minister Ó Muilleoir

Following the meeting the Minister said  “We recognised the need for honesty about the scale of the challenges and uncertainty arising from the EU referendum. We also agreed the importance of action from the Executive to protect our interests. This will require the Executive to be front and centre in any future negotiations to protect, for example, free movement of labour and trade, particularly on the island of Ireland. In the short term, the Executive is committed to providing what clarity it can as soon as possible and my Department is working to ensure that EU funding is maximised.”

The Minister continued: “I endorse the comments from the Governor of the Bank of England this morning about the need for stimulus and I am determined to protect public spending and progress key capital projects.

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