Foyle Foundation set to make £23m-worth of grants as it closes after 25 years

11 Jan 2024 Jocelyn Horton    Last updated: 11 Jan 2024

The Foyle Foundation will complete its grant giving programme in 2025, marking 25 years of giving to the fields of the Arts, Learning, Community Small Grants, State School Libraries and Health. 

Established in 2000, the Foyle Foundation was set up to implement the will of the late Christina Foyle, who died in 1999 leaving most of her estate to charity. Beginning with approximately £60M in assets including property holdings, some stock market investments, and a holding in her father’s library which was sold, the Foundation has awarded over £146M in grants (as at end of 2023), supporting over 6,600 registered charities and schools across the U.K.  

The aim of the Foundation was to disburse the charitable funds in a strategic way with the Executors choosing to spend down its funds over 25 years to enable more charitable causes to receive more support, more quickly, than would have been possible if the Foundation had maintained a permanent endowment.

To complete its grant giving programme, the Foundation expects to make £23m worth of grants by 2025. 

They have been steadily increasing the amount awarded in grants each year and will continue this policy across the final two years with over £11.5M likely to be awarded in 2024 and £12M in 2025 for normal grant making. In addition, they will make some legacy grants which recognise the Foundation’s work over the years.

Can you still apply to the Foundation?

You can apply at any time up to the final cut off dates where they will consider applications for projects up to the end of 2025.


Final Cut Off Dates for New Applications

Main Grants Scheme Capital (requests £75K and over)

30 June 2024

Foyle School Library Scheme

30 September 2024

Main Grants Scheme

31 January 2025

Small Grants Scheme

30 April 2025


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by Jocelyn Horton

Fundraising Advice Officer

[email protected]

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