Fundraising Alternatives Part 3: A focus on Online Fundraising

The third in a series of articles looking at different ways to fundraise. This month Deirdre Murphy, Fundraising Advice Officer at NICVA looks at Online Fundraising as an opportunity to raise funds.

The potential of online fundraising

At the moment only 6.7% of total fundraising donations in the UK are made online according to Blackbaud’s Charitable Giving Report 2014. However we are seeing an increase of 8.9% year on year as donors are shifting online.  So there is an opportunity for both small and large charities to maximise this income stream.

Different options available

There are a variety of ways you can set up online fundraising depending on the resources you have to hand.  Consider the following:

Online donations and sponsorship

  • It sounds like a no-brainer – you need to have a facility to take online donations.  Preferably on your own website and if possible integrated with your database.
  • If you don’t have the facility to service web donations and sponsorship use an online giving platform like Justgiving BTmydonate or Localgiving
  • Have a ‘Donate Now’ button on every webpage of your website – people need to know you need funding.
  • Make sure your website functions on mobile devices like ipads and iphones.
  • Monitor how people are behaving on your website and their journey to giving by using Google Analytics.

Social media

  • Use social media to direct people to give on your website/online platform and make sure you use direct links to the giving page.
  • Content is key on social media especially Facebook – tell strong emotive stories of people that are benefiting from your work.
  • Use photos on facebook posts and twitter for higher response rates.
  • Be responsive and connect with people on social media – it’s not just enough to have accounts set up.  You need to engage people. For example: thank them for their fundraising efforts or share their images/posts
  • Measure how many people and the type of content people respond to by looking at Facebook Insights and Twitter Analytics.
  • Use a campaign specific hashtag for fundraising campaigns to track what people are saying/doing and to allow people to easily find out about your campaign.


What is crowdfunding?  It’s basically a way to fund a project or venture by raising many small amounts of money from a large number of people. Some things to think about when assessing if this is a good option for your charity:

  • Do you have a tangible project which has a set fundraising target by a deadline?
  • Do you have the resources to create good content and videos to sell the project and get people to buy in to it?
  • Can you mobilise your social media audiences to give to such a project?
  • Can you facilitate crowdfunding or do you need to use a crowdfunding website like Kickstarter Indiegogo or Crowdfunder

For more Fundraising Advice

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You may also be interested in a half day training session on Online Fundraising on 2 December which will give you the chance to explore these and many more concepts and ideas further.


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