Fundraising Standards Need to be Maintained

2 Dec 2013 Elizabeth Hamill    Last updated: 24 Jun 2014

In the lead up to Christmas, charity fundraising is at its height. Direct mail, telephone asks, cash collections, face-to-face and other campaigns are all highly visible and it is very important to maintain high fundraising standards.

NICVA encourages all groups in the Northern Ireland sector to promote best practice in fundraising.

Fundraising itself is largely unregulated in law, but there are a number of regulatory requirements that impact on it.

Self-regulation for charitable fundraising was introduced in 2007. There are two key parts to self-regulation and there are two key organisations involved in promoting best practice in fundraising; the Institute of Fundraising and the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB).

Accountable fundraising means adhering to the standards set by the Institute of Fundraising (the Code of Fundraising Practice) and committing to fundraising regulation by signing up to the Fundraising Standards Board (FRSB) - the UK's regulatory body for charity fundraising.  The Fundraising Standards Board and Institute of Fundraising can give you support in ensuring your fundraising requirements meet these requirements.

The Code of Fundraising Practice gives detailed guidance on the legal and best practice requirements for different fundraising techniques. It is available from the website and it is a useful resource for groups to access. You can also get some useful information from this youtube video that was used at the launch of the 2012 Code

Make sure your supporters can give with confidence this Christmas and the coming years.'s picture

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