GrantTracker One-Year subscriptions - offer now closed

1 Mar 2023 Sandra Bailie    Last updated: 22 Mar 2023

GrantTracker free 1 year offer

A free one-year GrantTracker subscription was available to organisations as part of our Cost Of Living Crisis response. We have reached our maximum number of free subscriptions for this offer so it is now closed.

GrantTracker will help you find funding schemes relevant to your projects, keep on top of deadline dates and co-ordinate your funding applications. 

The subscription normally costs £145 but thanks to funding from the Department for Communities, we are able to provide these for free - but only until 31 March.

So don't miss out on this opportunity - sign up today.

Getting to Know GrantTracker webinars

To access this offer you must also sign up to one of our Getting to know GrantTracker webinars in April. These free webinars are an ideal opportunity for new subscribers and long-term users to explore all the functions that GrantTracker offers, in order you get the most out of your free subscription.

You can sign up to one of the webinars here.

More information about GrantTracker

GrantTracker has currently over 1,000 funding schemes all relevant to Northern Ireland. 

With GrantTracker you save time and money as it:

  • Helps you search for funding schemes relevant to your project or beneficiaries
  • Filters schemes for topic, geographical area and amount
  • Reminds you of deadlines
  • Sends weekly emails with tracked schemes updates and dates
  • Helps coordinate your funding applications

For more information go to GrantTracker

"I discovered there is much more to GrantTracker than I was aware of; it will be very helpful in managing my funding strategy and calendar throughout the year."  Heather Carson, St Stephen’s Parish Church, Millfield's picture
by Sandra Bailie

Head of Organisational Development

[email protected]

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