Heating Oil User? Want to be amongst the first to receive the new Alternative Fuels Payment? Contact NICVA

Does your organisation use heating oil?  Would you like to join a trial of the new UK Non-Domestic Alternative Fuel Payment (ND AFP) scheme and apply to receive your payment early?  Read on. 

The UK Department for Energy Security and Net Zero is looking for a limited number of organisations across the UK to volunteer to test the application process for the new Non-Domestic Alternative Fuel Payment (ND AFP) alternative fuels payment.   

Those taking part in the trial will be able to apply and receive their payment early.  The scheme was officially announced in the UK government's Autumn Statement and consists of a £150 flat payment delivered through electricity suppliers, with additional “top up” payments for the highest users of heating oil (kerosene).  If they use more than 10,000 litres of kerosene at a specific property, they could receive between £750 and £5,800. If they don’t use that much kerosene, but they use alternative fuels and they are off the electricity grid, they can use the same application form to apply for a fixed payment of £150

Applications for the ND AFP scheme will be through an online application form which the Department has been developing and now wants to trial.  Those chosen to take part in the trial will be able to apply early before the public launch, and in return will be asked to provide feedback on their application experience. This is intended to improve the service where necessary before it goes out to the wider public.  

If your organisation is off the gas network and uses heating oil/kerosene (or is off the electricity grid and uses another fuel) and would like to be considered to take part in the early application trial, please forward details of your organisation including contact name, email, and/or telephone number by no later than 12.00pm on 20th February to [email protected] and NICVA will forward your details to the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero for consideration to join the trial.  

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